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Making the Grand Figure: Lives and Possessions in Ireland
1641-1770 By Toby C. Barnard - The Irish Wolf-Dog - Barnard, Irish Wolfhound 1650's

Stag-hunting and horse riding were not easily portrayed as public boons. Ridding Ireland of wolves could be. The need to exterminate vermine led in 1653 to the grant of forfeited lands in the barony of Dunboyne in Meath to Captain Edward Piers. In return he was expected to keep three wolf dogs, a pair of English mastiffs, and a pack of sixteen couple of hounds. In addition, he had to emply a huntsman and other helpers and to organize hunts at least three times each month. Whether because of exertions such as Piers's or through human encroachment on the wolves laires, numbers dwindled, and with them the population of the celebrated wolf dogs, long prized as offerings to flatter the imporant and self-important. Even so, wolf-dogs were still being shipped from, Connacht to English peers in the early eghteenth centure. Within Ireland, Archbishop King was gratified to receive some. New owners were warned about how much they cost to feed'

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