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Memoirs of British quadrupeds:
illustrative principally of their habits of
life, instincts, sargacity and uses to mankind
By Rev William Bingley, 1809

Irish Greyhound/Irish Wolf-Dog - Irish Greyhound/Irish Wolf-Dog

These Dogs are considered to be of very ancient origin in Ireland. Mr. Pennant, from their near resemblance to the Great Danish Dog of Buffon, conjectures that they may probably have been imported thither by the Danes, who long possessed that "kingdom. Their original use seems to have been for the chase of Wolves, with which Ireland formerly swarmed; but as soon as these animals were extirpated, the number of the Dogs decreased, and from that period they were kept chiefly for state. Mr. Lambert informs us, in the Linnean Transactions, that the only Dogs of the breed now in Ireland, are those belonging to the Marquis of Sligo which, when he saw them, were no more than eight in number. One of them measured five feet and an inch from the extremity of the muzzle to the tip of its tail. Dr. Goldsmith saw an Irish Greyhound that was about four feet high, or as tall as a Calf of a year old.

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