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Country Life Illustrated July-Nov 1899
(Scottish Deerhound Blairgowrie) Deerhound Blairgowrie


The popularitry that has been achieved by the Deerhound has for the most part by his utility as a sporting dog as he is still identified in his natie Scotland with the pleasure of deer-stalking. Of late however, many members of the fair sex have attached themseslves to Deerhounds with the result that some kennels presided over by ladies , such, for instance, as that owned by the Duchess of Wellington have made great success for themselves. The accompanying illustration of Miss Dippie's Blairgowrie also represents a very successful specimen of this variety of of dog, as its subject has won first prizes at such important exhibitions as those held at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Liverpool, in addition to other honours of lesser importance. In the illustration of Blairgowrie the long, powerful muzzle and lengthy neck of the Deerhound are admirably portrayed, and these, it must be remembered, are important points, for they enable him to, if necessary, hold a wounded stag. The deep chest, strong back and quarters, and bent stifles of the breed are also well developed, and, in fact, Blairgowrie may be accepted as an extremely well-proportioned Deerhound, whose appearance would be improved by the absence of four white feet.

IWT Editor note - Blairgowrie was apparently exported to the USA. Here are the breeding details from the American Kennel Club Stud Book - Volume 16, 1900 - BLAIRGOWRIE (51.906).óJohn E. Thayer, Lancaster, Mass. Breeder, A. G. Dippie, London, Eng. Whelped April, 1896; blue brindle. By Robbie Burns, out of Belle Alexander, by Swift, out of Branda, by Oscar, out of Lufra; Swift by Athol II., out of Hedwig; Robbie Burns by Fingal II., out of Rona II., by Athol II., out of Beatrice; Fingal II. by Lord of the Isles, out of Morna.

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