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Country Life Magazine June 1900
Hound Show Ranelagh

In The Deerhound Ring - Country Life, Hound Show Ranelagh, Wolfhounds/Deerhounds 1900

(extract from the article) - There was a small but excellent show of beagles, some of the rabbit beagles being capital in type and character, one exquisite little bitch looking as if she had just come out of a picture; and Irish wolfliounds, Scotch deerhounds, and Great Danes—the latter perhaps the least representative class in the show—-filled up, with a good class of whippets, the rest of he benches.

I had an interesting talk about Irish wolfhounds with one well-known exhibitor. So far the admirers of the breed have not decided on a type, therefore the classes are difficult to criticise. I have always thought that the Irish wolfhound was a breed which was, so to speak, manufactured, but I am assured by those who should know that undoubtedly some real wolf- hound blood had survived in Ireland, though from constant in-breeding the race had much deteriorated in size and bone. There is no doubt that the present revival of this fine breed is due to judicious outcrosses, especially with the Scotch deerhound. Both breeds were probably local varieties from a common stock, and there can be no doubt that some of the young dogs are showing signs that the attempt to get back the traditional type as seen in old pictures is being successful.

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