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(Sunday Times, Perth, Australia, 6th June 1926


This noble-looking, upstanding breed of hound can undoubtedly claim a very ancient lineage, but for some rea- son (probably the disappearance of their original quarry, the wolf) they became almost extinct. Present-day owners have in a great measure to thank Captain Graham for their re- vival, as he, in the early 60's set him- self the task of re-establishing this fine

old "hound of the chase." To accom- . plish this the captain scoured Ireland from end to end in his hunt for orig itíal pure-bred specimens. The few that he did come across had greatly deteriorated, but by a series of judici- ous crosses with these and the Borzois; Scottish deer hound, and a variety of European wolfhounds which was then in Ireland (1760), he succeeded in evolving a hound that came up to all the requirements of the old original, both in type and color. Very few peo- ple in Australia have even a passing knowledge of the breed, but, thanks to the enterprise of Miss B. Bruce Reid, who recently brought back with ber from England several very excellent specimens, the dog-loving fraternity of Melbourne have had the opportunity at thc recent shows of seeing and ad- miring them. In general appearance the Irish wolfhound is rather like a Scottish deerhound, but bigger in every dimension. As a matter of fact he is spoken of as being the tallest variety of domestic hound. The stan- dard mentions thc height from th>¿ shoulder to be about 31 to 32in., wails specimens have been known to go over I 36iu., 33, and 34 being often met with. The weight is in thc region of 1201b. With all this great size and massive- ness he must be built on graceful lines, his movement must be easy, it beinj; essential that the animal should have the appearance of an alert, active dos full of life and vitality. The head should be carried high, and the tail carried with an upward sweep, and a slight curl towards the end. The head must be long, with the frontal bones of tile forehead very slightly raised, and a small indentation between the eyes, whilst the skull must not bc too broad. The muzzle should be Jons and moderately pointeä, with ears small, but nicely placed on' and car- ried. The neck should be long and muscular and well arched; the chest very deep, the breast wide, and the. back rather long, with nicely arched loins. The legs and forearms must br muscular and quite straight. In hind quarters', muscular hocks, well let down and- turning neither in nor out, are es- sential. The feet should be large and round, with toes well arched and closed nails, which require to be strong and curved. The coat should be rough and hard on the body, legs, and head, ani wiry and' long over eyes and under jaw. The colors are red, grey, brindle, black, or fawn. This commanding looking hound is generally of a very docile disposition, is very hardy, and these points, combined with an un- doubtedly fair turn of speed, should make him .a very useful proposition outback among the foxes and dingoes.

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