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House & garden - Irish Wolfhound 1916

Irish Wolfhound = House & garden - Irish Wolfhound 1916

The Irish Wolfhound Among the symbols of early Celtic history, few possess greater interest to the student of pagan and Christian Ireland than the Irish Wolfhound—the national dog of Ireland.

Of all dogs this giant hound of the Gaels has the most romantic past. A fine type of valor and beauty, he is inseparably associated with the history, romance and legends of Ireland from the earliest recorded days. His fame is celebrated again and'again in the cycles of Finn, while the history and old laws of Ireland mark the value in which the hound was held.

A good description of the Irish Wolfhound was given by Father Hogan about twenty years ago. He traced the breed hack through each century to the year 391 A. D. and said that in that y'ear Flavianus upon his return to Rome from Ireland present ed seven im mense dogs to the Roman consul Quintus Aurelius Symmactus _ to provide barbaric amusement in the arena. It is recorded that all Rome viewed them with wonder.

In the first century,, the King of Ulster and the King of Connaught offered the King of Leinster 6,000 cows and a chariot and horses for a famous Wolf dog and finaJly went to war over its possession. In 930 A. D. the laws of Wales put the value of the Irish dog at twice the value of a work horse and affixed a penalty of its full value. Through hundreds of years these dogs were the most valuable pre sen ts that could be made to Royalty. With the elimination of Wolves early in the eighteenth century, the usefulness of this great dog began to dwindle and about 60 years ago had almost been forgotten. At about that time Capt. Graham, an English sportsman, srcuit-il ,i i.. v. specimens from Sir John Power of Ktlfam and with judicious ovit crossing, brought back the Irish Wolfhound to its original high standard.

Fine male dogs weigh from 120 to 160 pounds and measure 30 to 36 inches at shoulder. Females are slighter in build. They have a lovable disposition and absolute loyalty is a strong characteristic. In fact the Irish Wolfhound is a real dog and one that may well be proud of its ancient lineage.

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