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Illustrated London News, May 23,

Kurdish Harrier

I found this picture in an old London periodical taken at the first dog show in Paris, France in 1863. The hound above sure looks like a Deerhound, and 2 Deerhounds were exhibited at the show, but I can't find any further picture or narrative. I cannot find a reference to a breed once called the Kurdish Harrier, so maybe the reporter got the name wrong for what looks to be a Deerhound. Intriguing and interesting picture.

Some trivia. The French Emporer Napoleon III was apparently in attendance at the show. This copy of the Illustrated London News also carried reports on battles ongoing in America (Civil War) and Frances campaign in Mexico

(From our own Correspondent.)

The gardens of the Zoological Acclimatisation Society in the Bois de Boulogne have recently served, during eight days, as the rendezvous for deputations from nearly all the families of the canine race. From the fact of this being the first Exposition de Chiens ever attempted' in France, the curiosity of the Parisians was aroused, and from the 2nd to the 10th of May the show increased in popularity, twenty thousand daily having paid for admission. On the third day the Emperor paid a long and attentive visit to the dog show, which appeared to interest his Majesty very much.

Out of the six categories of dogs just exhibited at the Garden of Aoeb'matisation we have selected a few for illustration, from photographs taken on the spot for the society by M. Henry Touraier. Our selection cannot, however, do justice to a show composed of nearly a thousand specimens of the canine race.

The Baron de Ruble's Pnre French Hounds of Gascony. 3. French Bace of Barbels, for Suck-hunting. 4. Japanese Dog. 5. Kurdish Harrier. 6, 7. Mr. Riley's Retrievers. 8. M. Gaisner's French Griffon.

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