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Scottish Deerhound

Irish Wolfhound Times - Deerhound photo


The origin of the Scottish deerhound trces to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, with vague references to various Irish wolfhounds and deerhounds well before then. Deerhunds were held in high esteem and only certain nobles could own themm, which was similar to greyhounds of that time. They were revered for their great speed and ability to run and subsequentily kill Scottish deer, which averaged 250 pounds. And they did so singly or in pairs

White it is commonly thought that it is illegal to hunt antlered game with dogs in the United State, a number of southern states permit it either statewide or in certain sections, including Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and Mississippi. Deerhounds are used on wild board, coyotes, rabbits and even foxes in some areas

Keen for human companionship, this breed is tall and stately, with males reading up to thirty two inches or more at the shoulder and weighing over one hundred pounds. Symmetry is essential to the overall function of the deerhound, which should resemble a larger version of the greyhound with more bone and subsance. The wiry coat - softer on the face, breast and belly - is colored the popular drk blue-gray, dark or light gray, or brindle or yellow, sandy-red, or red-fawn, with black ears and muzzles

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