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The Modern Deerhound
Stamford Mercury Friday 14 May 1880

Published in the Stamford Mercury Friday 14 May 1880

It is a well-known fact that the late "Glengarry" finding the breed of Deerhound deteriorating, resorted to several crosses - amongst them the Cuban bloodhound and Pyrenean wolf dog; from the latter especially he gained much. He was at the time condemned loudly for thus contaminating the breed; but, in the writers opinion, he acted with great good judgment, for when he resuscitated his strain very completely, and from his so crossed dogs have all our modern Deerhounds descended, all symptoms of any such cross having long been obliterated. Mr. Gillespie, the owner and breeder of the notorious Torrom says: - "With regard to your remark about the Glengarry dogs not being pure, I too have often heard it: but my experience is that there were few, if any, better strains." His Torrom was the son of a true Glengarry dog. Of this breed also was the world-wide famed Maida, Sir Walter Scott's devoted and constant companion: but he was the offspring of the first cross between Pyrenean Wolf dog and Highland Deerhound, the former being sire, the latter the dam. He was a magnificent animal, of great size, power, and endurance, partaking mostly of the appearance of the dam, gaining somewhat in power, bulk, and height from the sire. He was of an iron grey colour (according to Irving_, and of gigantic size. He died at eleven years of age. From this very Maida many of our best modern dogs claim descent! - The Book Of The Dog


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