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Vintage (1937) Newsreal Clip
Ouborough Irish Wolfhounds and Gt Danes

Below is a graphic link to a Pathe newsreel taken at the Ouborough Irish Wolfhound/Gt Dane kennels in 1937. This gives a good insight to the facilities and daily routine and this famous IW kennel. Newsreel recorded on 20/09/1937 Vintage newsreel 1937 Ouborough Irish Wolfhounds

Pathe Narrative for the clip is as follows
"Godstone, Surrey.

Great Dane and Irish Wolf Hound dog breeding at Ouborough (sp.?) Kennels.

C/U of litter of Great Dane puppies. We see them suckling at mother. M/S of man stirring cooking pot. M/S of another man putting meat into mincing machine. The man fills a dog bowl with the meat and passes through window to his colleague. M/S of man placing bowl of food in front of Great Dane. M/S of kennel keepers with about 20 dogs on leads outside the kennels.

Various shots of Great Danes drinking from large stone basin, a man adds more water from bucket. Various shots of man with four Great Danes on leads, walking on immaculate lawn, with fish pond in foreground. C/U of dog standing in profile (like at dog show). Various shots of very little girl walking two Great Danes on leads. The dogs tower over her.

M/S of little girl with two equally huge Irish Wolf Hounds. According to narrator girl's name is Sally. M/S of man with lots of Wolf Hounds on leads. C/U of wolf hound in profile. Various shots of man walking group of Wolf Hounds around grounds of kennels. "

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