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Mr. M. Cecil Davies (Strathdoon Deerhounds)
Newspaper article 22 November 1946

From Kangaroo Dogs to Scotties; Veteran Breeder's Reminiscences. Personality of the week is Mr. M. Cecil Davies, of Lindfield, N.S.W., founder of the noted "Strathdoon" Deerhound kennel.

Born in Goulburn in 1861, he had an enviable reputation as a sports man and a fearless horseman. One of Mr. Davies' most cherished possessions is the "Hunters* Cup," which he won at the Goulburn Show, 1883, with his celebrated hunter "Nor'-Wester."

In those days, there were thousands of 'roos in the district. Mr. Davies recalls one drive on Mr. John Croppers' station, "Bonnie Doon," Taraga, in which 50 shooters and 50 drivers on horseback accounted for 1049 'roos in two days.

In addition to Deerhounds, Mr. Davies took a very keen interest in good horses. His "Nor' .Wester" was unbeaten as a hunter, while he also bred many high-class trotters. He says with a smile, "Great days, those: fine horses, fine dogs, great sport, and plenty of money."


Mr. Davies became very interested in "Oscar," an imported deer hound, owned by Mr. Walter Douglas, of Invernalchy Station, mated with greyhound bitches. He sired the best kangaroo dogs seen up to that time.

To quote Mr. Davies again, "They were very fast, game and suitable for work in all kinds of rough, hilly country, where it needed a really good one to catch the 'flyers' or bail up an 'old man' kangaroo."

The year 1901 saw Strathdoon to the fore at the Sydiaey Royal Show, when they won first and second in the kangaroo dog class. This would make Mr. Davies the oldest "Royal" dog showman alive, and he still has plans for the 1947 "Royal."


He imported his first deerhound in 1895, and from then on became really famous. The "Strathdoon" kennel name was synonymous with high-class hunting dogs. They were to be found all over Australia, N.Z., India and Ceylon.

Successful kangaroo dogs must be "the graceful, racy type, able to catch and kill anything." according to Mr. Davies. Tributes from Messrs. E. Hill (Bullamon, Qld.), P. Clarke (Bolinda Vale, Vic.), Dr. Crookston (Camden), D. Cadell (Deepwater), Sir Samuel Hordern, ana many otner noted sportsmen to "Strathdoon" deerhounds are ample proof that .he knew his business.

While deerhounds are still ~ Mr. Davies' favorite breed, circumstances prevent him from maintaining a kennel of these dogs, so he chose another Caledonian breed, this time Scottish terriers. So the name "Strathdoon" carries on, and the quality of present-day inmates is still the best available.

Mr. M. C. Davies, of Strathdoon Kennel fame, has again taken up Deerhounds, and has repurchased several of his old strain. I well remember his fine dog Lord Morag, who left a good impress of the Deerhound in the other States. These dogs are in great demand as dingo-killers, and a few have been used for that purposes in South Australia.

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