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Toyon Southport St Patrick
(Brief notes compiled by Steve Tillotson. February 2013)

Toyon Southport St Patrick
(Irish Wolfhound in Dogs of All Nations 1915) - photo Toyon Southport St Patrick from Dogs of All Nations

The author's original narrative accompanying the above photograph was -

"IRISH WOLFHOUND Color: Gray, red, black, pure white, fawn and brindle
Height: 35. In.
Weight: 150 lbs

This dog though not as heavy and massive as the Great Dane is more so than the Deerhound. He has a commanding appearance and is very muscular, strongly though gracefully build, with movements easy and active. The head is long, skull not too baord, and muzzle moderately pointed. Eyes dark in color, ears small and of the greyhound type, neckl very strong, muscular and well arches, with a long back and muscular thighs. The tail is long and slightly curved and well covered with hair. Coat should be rough and hard on the body, legs and head and especially long and wiry over the eyes and under the jaw.

This breed is undoubtedly of great antiquity and was freely bred and used hundreds of years ago in Ireland for the hunting of wolvdes. When wolves became extinct the breeding of Irish Wolfhounds came to its lowest ebb, but during the last twenty years great strides have been made to resuscitate, and it is now one of the most popular of the large variteties on the show bench.
W. E. M 1915

In her book "The Complete Irish Wolfhound", Alma J Starbuck writes (page 41) on the topic of early Irish Wolfhounds in America -

"Through Mr Mason of Southport fame in England, one of those early Felixstowe Hounds was imported by Horace Hill, and the dog's name became Toyon Southport St Patrick. Toyon, the kennel name taken by Mr Hill, is the India name for "California Holly" and was also the name of Mr Hill's ranch. I have tried but failed to get a picture of Toyon Southport St Patrick. I saw a picture years ago, but have been unable to get a duplicate. He was a beautiful hound and his name is in the pedigrees of many of our present day American hounds. He was whelped in 1913, bred by Mr I. W. Everett of Felixstower Kennels, and came to this country when not quite a year old".

IWT Editor note - We also find a snippet/reference in The American kennel gazette - Volume 50, Part 2 - Page 39 1933 (not sure who author is), - and mentions Toyon St Patrick thus - Irish Wolfhounds, following out our new plan of having a different (breed featured each month?)... I came across a volume "Dogs of All Nations," by W. E. Mason, 1915, and turning, to the "Irish Breds" beheld my old friend, Toyon Southport St. Patrick, depicting Irish wolfhounds.

IWT Editor note - We have a copy of "Dogs of All Nations," (free download here) by W. E. Mason and the photograph of the Irish Wolfhound depicted is shown at the top of this page

IWT Editor note - We also find a photograph and notes on Toyon Southport St Patrick in The Hounds Of Celt and Gael By Walter A. Dyer (Country Life in America) January 1916 which we reproduce below

Irish Wolfhound in Dogs of All Nations, 1915 - photo Toyon Southport St Patrick

Walter Dyer wrote about this hound = "The Irish wolfhound Paddy - otherwise Toyon Southport St. Patrick, of California Owned by Mr. Horace L. Hill, Jr. He stands 36 inches at the shoulder "

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